ICE Victim Notification Program


The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is committed to protecting the public and ensuring that victim rights are carefully observed. ICE can initiate removal proceedings against criminal aliens who are convicted of certain crimes. ICE takes custody of the inmate after the criminal alien has completed their federal or state criminal sentence. On occasion, ICE may not be able remove a criminal alien. This can happen for several reasons the most common being the inability of ICE to secure travel authorization documents for the alien.


Depending on the situation, ICE may have to release the criminal alien under an order of supervision or on bond. Once the criminal alien is placed in ICE custody, the Victim Notification Program will provide information to eligible victims and witnesses who register to be notified of release related activities. Victims and witnesses must submit the "Victim Request for Notification of Criminal Alien Status" form. ICE will make every effort to keep victims and witnesses advised of the release status of the offender. Registered victims and witnesses will be advised when the criminal alien is released from custody or removed.

For more information, visit the Victim Notification Program webpage on the ICE website.