School Resource Unit

The School Resource Unit is staffed by deputies who are assigned full-time to all twelve Shelby County Schools located in unincorporated areas of the county, including Oak Mountain Schools, Chelsea Schools, Shelby Elementary School, and Wilsonville Elementary School. School resource Officers (SROs) are responsible for the safety of students, and the maintenance of order and security at school facilities.  More importantly, SROs develop positive relationships with students and faculty alike, and serve as positive role models for the students in their assigned schools.  SROs direct school traffic, conduct routine safety checks, periodic safety drills, and intervene and make referrals for at-risk youth.  During the summer months, SROs are present for summer school sessions, they plan and carry out Camp Journey programs, which are week-long summer camps for rising sixth-graders at both Oak Mountain and Chelsea schools.  Serving as camp counselors, and with the assistance of guest speakers, community leaders, and Sheriff’s Office personnel and resources, the SROs provided the students with leadership skills, memorable experiences, and techniques to avoid pitfalls, with the goal of making students successful both academically and personally.  Based on the successes of previous Camp Journey programs, SROs are assisting other agencies in standing up similar programs in their jurisdictions.  

Through the tremendous support of our communities and schools, twelve SROs will be attending the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) School Safety Conference this summer.  There they will receive top-notch training and hear from nationally acclaimed speakers and presenters on current topics related to school safety.  Their attendance at the NASRO conference will enable them to apply for the SRO Practitioner award, which recognizes an SRO's training to a national standard, their professionalism and leadership, and their length of service as an SRO.  Additionally, your Shelby County Sheriff's Office has submitted an application for the NASRO Model Agency Award, which is presented to the agencies that exemplify the NASRO Triad Concept of training, policies and standards.  These practices ensure professional service to the school community.  For more information, please go to