Recognizing that the spiritual and emotional needs of our employees, their families, and victims and their families, cannot be ignored, the Shelby County Chaplain’s Association was formed.


The duties and responsibilities of a Chaplain are as follows:

  • After family notification, will respond to the hospital when an officer has been injured or killed.
  • Assist in making notification to families of agency members who have been injured or killed.
  • Assist with death notifications to the civilian population
  • Attend agency graduations, promotion activities, award ceremonies, dinners, social events, etc. and offer invocations and benedictions.
  • Attend and participate, when requested, in the funerals of active or retired members of the agency.
  • Be involved in public relations efforts.
  • Be on call and, if at all possible, be on the streets during any major demonstration or any public function requiring the presence of a large number of agency personnel.
  • Be responsible for the organization and development of the spiritual organizations in the agency.
  • Counsel with officers and other personnel having personal problems, at their request.
  • Offer supportive care for victims of trauma.
  • Participate with in-service training classes for personnel.
  • Provide liaison with other religious leaders in the community.
  • Respond to all major disasters such as bombings, collapse of buildings, explosions, multiple fire alarms, unusual industrial accidents, and similar situations.
  • Visit sick and injured police personnel in the hospital and home.
  • When responding to the scene of death or injury, whether departmental person or private citizens, the chaplain will notify the person’s personal clergy-person as soon as possible.
  • Will make referrals in cases where specialized attention is needed, or in those cases beyond the chaplain’s ability to assist.

Membership Requirements

  • Must adhere to Canons of Chaplains Ethics
  • Must be serving in pastoral or staff ministry
  • Must have five years experience in pastoral service