Camp Journey

A partnership between the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Shelby County Schools, and COMPACT

Mission Statement

The mission of Camp Journey is to:
  • Develop leadership, values, and knowledge in each camper through a highly structured educational and adventurous camp experience.
  • Provide training and messages centered on values and traits, including integrity, character, courage, grit, discipline, and teamwork.
  • Educate students on issues they will face through adolescence and equip them with skills to navigate these challenges.
  • Immerse students in an exciting Junior Citizens Police/Sheriff's Academy, allowing them to see and experience first-hand what School Resource Officers and Law Enforcement Officers do.
  • Have fun and forge strong relationships between and the students and their School Resource Officers throughout the week that will carry forth throughout their academic careers and beyond.

Who, When and Where

Our camps are scheduled for rising 6th grade students and will be hosted at Oak Mountain Intermediate School June 12th – 16th and at Chelsea Middle School July 10th – July 14th from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm each day. It will be staffed by School Resource Officers and Compact. The camp is free of charge, and the only requirement is that the child be dropped off and picked up on-time. Slots for the camp are limited to 50 students