Inmate Handbook


The inmate handbook contains an inmate's rights and responsibilities. It also describes acts prohibited in the Shelby County Jail and the disciplinary action that may be taken if an inmate commits any of the prohibited acts. This handbook is designed to make an inmate's incarceration within the facility as trouble-free as possible. 

The following is an excerpt from the introduction section within the handbook itself:

"In any community, it is necessary to respect the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of others. This is needed to an even greater degree in an institution of this type.

This Inmate Handbook is prepared and presented solely as an administrative aid to the inmates. No provision herein shall create any additional legal rights or legal duties. Any provision herein may be amended or withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the Sheriff of Shelby County. It is important that you read and know the contents of this handbook. It is your responsibility to seek help from Correctional Officers on anything contained in this handbook you do not understand."

Handbook Document

To see the handbook in its entirety, view the Inmate Handbook by clicking here: Inmate Handbook.