Patrol Division

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Under the command of Captain Kevin Turner, the Patrol Division represents the “front line” of the Sheriff’s Office, and is its largest and most visible division.  With nearly 90 full-time men and women assigned to this division, they support and perform the highly visible law enforcement functions of maintaining order, deterring crime, responding to calls for service, and keeping our residential communities, schools and business districts safe.  Under the umbrella of the Patrol Division there are several distinct units, including the Patrol Section, SRO Unit, Judicial Services, Marine Patrol, Canine (K9), and Reserves.


The Patrol Section conducts highly visible patrols of all of Shelby County, focusing primarily on unincorporated areas of the county and those municipalities that have contracted with the Sheriff’s Office for enhanced law enforcement services.  Specific duties of the Patrol Section include responding to and conducting the initial investigation into reports of criminal activity; enforcing the traffic code and investigating crashes; enforcing the criminal code, deterring crime and apprehending criminals; serving warrants; attending civic organization meetings and neighborhood meetings, and building relationships in communities to effectively address their specific needs and issues.  

Patrol Division personnel also participate in many other specialized and ancillary assignments. The Field Training Program falls primarily within the Patrol Division.  All newly hired deputies complete a program of on-the-job training under the instruction and close supervision of a Field Training Officer (FTO).  The program reinforces academy training and equips new deputies to handle the day-to-day challenges they will face on the job.   Other specialized assignments fulfilled by Patrol Division personnel include the Tactical Response Unit, Crisis Negotiation Unit, Traffic Homicide Task Force, Project Live Saver, Evidence Technician, Crisis Intervention Team and others.  Patrol personnel are also trained and certified as Firearms Instructors, Physical Fitness Instructors, Defensive Tactics Instructors, Less Lethal Weapons Instructors, and more.

 In 2018, Patrol Division deputies were involved in over 89,000 calls for service and self-initiated activities, and completed over 9,000 reports; they responded to over 3,600 motor vehicle crashes; checked over 11,000 patrol requests; made over 9,000 traffic stops, issuing almost 5,800 citations and written warnings; attempted over 3,000 warrants; made over 4,100 arrests; and performed over 1,500 public assists.  Our well trained and highly motivated men and women of the Patrol Division stand ready and proud to serve, protect and respond to the needs of the residential and business communities of Shelby County.  Please let us know how we may serve you.

Specialty Units

Other specialty units under the Patrol Division Commander include:

  • School Resource Officers (SRO)
  • Canine (K-9)
  • Judicial Services
  • Marine Patrol
  • Reserves

See more about these units on the Specialty Units page.