Administrative Division

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The Administrative Division of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office is commanded by Captain Mark Bishop. The Administrative Division is directly responsible for:

  • Acting as the public information officer
  • Civil Process
  • Coordinating the hiring process
  • Managing the budget for the Sheriff on a daily basis
  • Records Unit
  • Supervising training
  • Updating the Sheriff's web page
  • Managing the agency's CALEA accreditation
  • Other administrative duties that arise

Civil Process Unit

The Civil Process Unit is comprised of sworn deputies whose primary responsibility is to serve our local courts, primarily through the execution of subpoenas, summons and complaints, evictions and any other court processes. The Civil Unit serves approximately 18,000 civil papers each year to the residents and/or businesses in our county. If you are a resident of another state and need documents served in our county, please forward to us the document you need served and any special affidavit you may require. Cost for out-of-state service is $20.

Records Unit

The Records Unit is directly supervised by the records supervisor. This unit is responsible for the input of data into the records management system, as well as the management and dissemination of all reports generated by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Training Unit

The Training Unit is responsible for the daily operation of the training facilities to include all of the firing ranges. Additionally, the training staff coordinates all internal in-service and external training obtained by both sworn and civilian employees of the Sheriff's Office. They also provide training to civilians in programs such as the Civilian Marksmanship Training class.

Community Outreach Unit

The Community Outreach Unit is responsible for engaging the community in proactive ways to foster trust and a strong bond between Law Enforcement and the citizens that we serve. This unit manages the multiple social media platforms that the Shelby County Sheriff's Office uses to send information to the public, as well as coordinates various community awareness trainings and other community outreach events.

Accreditation Unit

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) which is an international accrediting body.  The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office became the first Sheriff’s Office in Alabama when it received accreditation in 2014 and remains only one of two accredited sheriff’s offices in the state.  Shelby County was successfully re-accredited in 2017 and 2021.  Only approximately 5% of all law enforcement agencies in the United States are accredited by CALEA.

As part of the accreditation process, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office voluntarily adheres to accreditation standards, and each year, assessors from CALEA verify our compliance with standards by reviewing our policies, procedures, and practices.

If you would like an opportunity to express comments, commendations, and other information regarding the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office quality of service relevant to the accreditation process, you may submit your information directly to CALEA.

Hiring Unit

The Administrative Division is responsible administering the hiring process.  Individuals interested in employment with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office should submit an application through the Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board.

The hiring team welcomes you to contact them with your questions about employment opportunities at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.  You may email them at  For more information, please visit our hiring page.