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U.S. Highway 280 East Closed in Greystone

U.S. Highway 280 just east of Doug Baker Blvd is closed at this time due to a motor vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler and a motor vehicle.  Shelby County deputies and Alabama State Troopers are on scene, and minor injuries have been reported

Traffic that is traveling east on U.S. Highway 280 is being redirected through the parking lot of the Greystone Centre Shopping Center.  Motorist in this area should expect lengthy delays as the investigation of this crash is being conducted.

This release will be updated when the roadway opens.

Shelby County Highway 51 Reopened

At approximately 10:20am on June 19, 2013 Shelby County deputies along with Alabama State Troopers responded to a motor vehicle accident involving a train near the intersection of Shelby County Highway 51 and U.S. Highway 280.  As a result of the crash, Shelby County Highway 51 was made impassable at this railway crossing.  At this time the roadway has been reopened. 

The cause of the crash is currently under investigation, and all questions should be directed to the Alabama Department of Public Safety.  Anyone traveling in this area is urged to continue to exercise caution.

Shelby County Highway 51 Closed

Shelby County Highway 51 just south of the intersection of U.S. Highway 280 in the Westover area of Shelby County is closed at this time due to a motor vehicle crash involving a train.  There are no reported injuries resulting from the crash.  Shelby County deputies are on the scene and Alabama State Troopers are enroute.

Traffic that is traveling north on Shelby County Highway 51 toward U.S. Highway 280 can utilize Shelby County Highway 55.

This release will be updated when the roadway opens.

Road Closures

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has been advised by the Alabama Department of Transportation that they will be repairing sections of the guardrail along northbound I-65 from the Chilton County line to the Jefferson County line between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. beginning Monday June 17th and continuing every night until Thursday June 20th, 2013.  The work will require one lane of I-65 to be closed while the work is being done.


The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has been advised by the Alabama Department of Transportation that they will be repaving sections of Highway 119 between Alabaster and Montevallo between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. beginning Sunday June 16th continuing through the night until Monday June 17th, 2013.  The work will begin between the intersection of U.S. 31 and Shelby County Highway 26 and will continue each night through Thursday June 20th, 2013. The work will require both lanes of Highway 119 to be closed while the work is being done.

U.S Highway 280 Near Chelsea Reopened

U.S. Highway 280 westbound at the intersection of County Highway 43 (Bear Creek Road) has been reopened.  Motorist traveling on this portion of U.S. Highway 280 are urged to continue to use caution as law enforcement officers may still be present conduction their investigation. 

Question related to the investigation of this motor vehicle crash may be directed to the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

U.S Highway 280 Westbound near Chelsea Closed

U.S. Highway 280 westbound at the intersection of County Highway 43 (Bear Creek Road) is closed at this time due to a motor vehicle crash with injuries.

 Currently the motor vehicle crash is being investigated by the Alabama State Troopers.  Motorists are urged to find alternate routes to this busy corridor as they travel through Shelby County.

Traffic that is traveling west on U.S. Highway 280 can utilize County Highway 280 westbound in Chelsea and reenter onto U.S. Highway 280 at the intersection of County Hwy 41 (Dunnavant Valley Road).

This release will be updated when the roadway opens.


Minor Interruption of Service

On Wednesday June 5th, 2013, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office will undergo an upgrade to its infrastructure and its administrative offices will not open to the public until 12:00 p.m.  This upgrade will not affect calls for service and Sheriff’s deputies will be available for normal operations.  No copies of reports or pistol permits will be issued until after 12:00 noon.

Sheriff Curry regrets any inconvenience this may cause but the upgrade will result in an improvement to the future services provided by Sheriff’s Office and jail.

Response to Funding Request

Sheriff Chris Curry’s response to the recently proposed Shelby County Safe Schools Initiative funding plan as delivered on Monday, June 3, 2013:


Approximately two weeks ago, Dr. Lewis Brooks, Shelby County Board of Education, delivered a document to me with dollar figures for the “Safe Schools Initiative” for additional funding to assist with school security.  I was informed that the figures for the contribution by the Shelby County Commission of $270,000, the cities in Shelby County of $270,750 and the Sheriff’s Office of $123,500 had been determined by County Manager Alex Dudchock.  The identified source of the Sheriff’s Office funding was the Sheriff’s Fund (commonly called the Pistol Fund).  All 67 counties in Alabama have a similar fund that is specifically established by State legislative Act, is at the sole discretion of the Sheriff, and by law required to be “for law enforcement purposes”.  It is not county funds and is audited by the State of Alabama Examiners of Public Accounts.  In Shelby County, the District and Circuit Judges, the District Attorney, and the Circuit Clerk all have discretionary funds similarly established by State legislation.  In over 20 years of audits that I have been involved with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, we have had exceptional audits with no issues of any misjudgment.


No member of the Sheriff’s Office leadership was contacted or met at anytime with Mr. Dudchock or his designee to discuss funding amounts or sources of those funds during the several months of this debate. I reviewed the documents delivered by Dr. Brooks, and contacted administration level staff of the Examiners of Public Accounts.  I asked if the county manager could dictate how this money could be spent; could I pay directly to Cities for salaries of police officers that I did not empower and manage; and that the Attorney General had an opinion that all deputy and corrections officer salaries had to be paid out of county funds.  This was not county funds.  I was advised that the Sheriff had total discretion and these funds were the Sheriff’s and only the Sheriff’s to disburse.  Seeking independent legal council was advised.  This was done.  The Sheriff’s Office cannot and will not withdraw $123,500 for all of these reasons.


For almost six months since the shooting at Sandy Hook, much conversation has been about identifying the “stakeholders”.  The Sheriff’s Office became a stakeholder with the Board of Education in the fall of 1991.  At that time, school traffic had deputies assigned each morning and afternoon, and a full time investigator was assigned to cover every public school in the county and DARE began to be taught in most of the elementary schools by a full time assigned deputy.  That has continued and changed from the beginning of 3 traffic deputies and about 20 minutes each a day to 11 traffic deputies totaling 90 minutes each per day. The investigator was expanded to two full time deputies in the schools, then switched to School Resource Officers (SRO), eventually reaching 4 SROs and the DARE instructor.  Due to inadequate funding the SROs are now only 2, and DARE was discontinued.  Deputies worked fund raisers, athletic events, homecoming parades, and any special events held at the schools.  Almost all of that was funded completely out of the Sheriff’s budget, at no cost to the Board of Education.  In the past three years, due to inadequate funding, all of the coverage of those after-hours events are no longer covered by our budget, but must be paid for by PTO, boosters, etc.  Over the years, this has literally been millions of dollars.


Just for the school year of 12-13 just ended, the total cost contributed to the Shelby County Board of Education by the deputies at the Sheriff’s Office is approximately $437,000 in salaries alone.  Vehicle expense, equipment, and training would not be in that figure. Since Dec. 17, 2012 to the end of school on May 23 for security cost alone at the 13 schools directly protected by the Sheriff’s Office, the overtime costs are $95,911 and the regular time costs are $191,823.  As you can see, the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office are stakeholders, and our “in kind” contributions far, far exceed this $123,500 cash request.  At this time, there is only a conversation that less than half the $191,823 might be repaid.


What does that mean to the Sheriff’s Discretionary fund?  First, not all monies in that account are available.  It has to be for “law enforcement purposes”, but a portion (approx. 25 %) has an additional restriction of use for jail/inmate purposes.  It is not applicable to school security.  For the five years of 2008-2012 the average income generated by the sale of pistol permits was $298,000.   The amount determined by the county manager is over 40% of the average revenue.  Also, this is not a tax that has to be paid, but the purchase of a permit is optional to the citizens. 


All of the drug canines that have searched the schools are bought, trained, fed and medically maintained by the pistol fund.  All of the DARE instructor training, workbooks, supplies and awards were paid out of the pistol fund.  The same applies to the SRO training and support…all funded out of the pistol fund.  In fact, ALL OF THE TRAINING, ammunition, buildings and targets on the firing range,  new communications equipment, drug publications produced in cooperation with the Drug Task Force, Citizens Academy, Firearms Safety Classes, weapons parts, badges, specialty training for Tactical teams, Crisis Negotiators, Evidence Techs, Criminal investigator specialties in sex offenders, cyber crime, ID theft, homicide, and others, Reserve Deputy training, Project Lifesaver Alzheimer program, all APOSTC minimum standards training for deputies and corrections officers, Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, supervisor and leadership training…….all paid from the discretionary Sheriff’s fund.  Human Resource costs of psychological tests, polygraph tests for all new hires and promotional opportunities, internal and criminal investigational polygraphs and much, much more.


This has been done following the law carefully and respectfully as confirmed by the audits.


Where should this $123,500 be found?  According to official figures the County budget was $90,000,000 approximately.  In three accounts of General Fund, Proprietary, and Lodging Tax a cash or cash equivalent of $51,600,000 was in existence as of 9/30/2012.  That is 57% of the annual budget available.


The Sheriff’s total budget from the county for the same period is $19,500,000 and the cash balance of the Sheriff’s fund as of 9/30/2012 was $386,000 or 1.8 percent.


I, along with all Shelby County Sheriff’s employees, remain committed to the safety and welfare of our children at all times but specifically while in school.  The Safe Schools Initiative is a good plan and I support it but the legal opinion is that I cannot use Pistol Permit funds in this manner.

John Martin Noles Arrested

On Thursday May 23, 2013, at approximately 12:30 p.m., investigators from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office arrested John Martin Noles, 36 years of age from Hoover, Alabama, at his residence with a warrant charging him with one count of School Employee having Sexual Contact with a Student under the age of 19 years.  He was arrested without incident and transported to the Shelby County Jail to be held on a $6,000 bond.  Noles bond was posted and he has been released from custody.

Noles is an employee of the Shelby County Board of Education and a Chelsea High School teacher.

For information on the charge listed above, go to the link below and select Title13A Criminal Code, Chapter 6- Offenses Involving Danger to the Person, Article 4A Sexual Offenses by School Employees Involving a Student, and Section 13A-6-82 School employee having sexual contact with a student under the age of 19 years.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office directly at (205)669-4181, through the Secret Witness line at (205)669-9116 or through our website at by clicking on the “Report Criminal Activity” link and choosing the “General Information” category.

To view a Shelby County jail inmate’s picture, their charges and bonds, go to and click on the “Inmate Listing” link at the bottom left.  You may then type in the inmates last name and click on the “Search” button or, if you are unsure of the exact spelling, select the first letter of the last name to search for the inmate.  If an inmate has already bonded out, select the “Released in Last 30 Days” option.  An inmate’s information will not be available until he has been booked into the facility.

Citizen Sheriff's Academy Graduation

On March 7 of this year, 24 students began the inaugural class of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Sheriff’s Academy.  Over the course of the last 12 weeks, the students received instruction from the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office on what it is like to be a deputy sheriff.  In addition to the classroom instruction, the students had the opportunity to conduct 2 ride-alongs with deputies in a Shelby County Sheriff’s Office patrol car and complete a handgun training class at the Sheriff’s Office training facility.   

To commemorate the students’ accomplishment, a graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday May 23, 2013, at 6:30pm at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Training Center which is located at 543 McDow Road.

U.S. Marshal Marty Keeley, Director for the Northern District of Alabama, is scheduled as the keynote speaker for tonight’s graduation.  For more information on this event, please contact Sgt. Russell Bedsole at (205) 670-6205.

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